Cool School is a children's show featuring live actors, cartoon characters, puppets, and more! Since the show began in 2011, it's been viewed more than one billion times on YouTube, accumulated over one million subscribers, and has featured cross-promotions with companies including Sesame Street, PBS Kids, and Curious George. It also encompasses a read-along app, and a series of graphic novels. Plus, we get fan art and mail from kids around the globe.

The series is produced by Driver Digital, of which I'm the Director of Animation. For the first several years of the show, I single-handedly illustrated, animated, composited, and edited every episode in Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects. Today, new episodes air 3 times per week, and I manage an international team of editors, illustrators, and animators. When cartoon animals need extra voices, I'll record those too. (I've been a shark, a witch, at least 4 different dinosaurs, and more)

Here’s a reel:

New episodes are released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and range from nursery rhymes and fairy tales, to arts and crafts, to superhero adventures, to "kids wiki" facts about dinosaurs and monsters, and more!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Storytime with Ms. Booksy

Ms. Booksy literally takes you inside the story! We film in front of a green screen, and then composite the live actors into an animated world of classic fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Snow White. Above is a special 4-part crossover event we did with Sesame Street.

The Adventures of Drew Pendous

Drew Pendous is a kid superhero with a magic pen and infinite imagination. It’s action packed, and full of a large cast of characters, including Drew’s friends, allies, and rogue’s gallery of villains. I’ve written several episodes as well. Fans have sent in photos of themselves dressed as Drew for Halloween.

Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhyme Time is one of my favorite recurring segments on Cool School, featuring slightly off-kilter versions of just about every famous nursery rhyme you can think of.

Letters of the Alphabet

Simon and Pete are the class pets of Cool School, and learn about the letters of the alphabet in these wordplay-filled episodes. I wrote the majority of episodes, so you can expect tons of puns.

We’ve also release two Cool School graphic novels, with more on the way! They focus on the adventures of Drew Pendous and his mighty Pen Ultimate, and are available wherever books are sold (and probably also available at some places where books aren’t sold, but I’m not sure how they got there).

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